Police Pass One to One Mentoring Support

Police Pass One to One Mentoring Support

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Building on the E-Learning, the one to one mentoring support can take you to a new level by further supporting and assisting you in your preparation for promotion.

Our Aim

  • To give you a confidential sounding board outside your force to deal with any concerns or anxiety;
  • To provide you with the help and support to take responsibility for your own learning and development;
  • To develop your skills, interview technique and improve your performance;
  • To maximise your potential of success during any promotion process;
  • To help you build and develop your leadership capacity and capability as you aspire to your new leadership role.

So how will we do this with you?

The 1.5 hours one to one session can be focused on any promotion related issue as dictated by you the client – this could include further discussion and support relating to the leadership building blocks, CVF competencies and questions, interview and presentation skills. Clients may also wish to explore the mentor’s wealth of experience as both panel members and candidates on numerous promotion processes.

The sessions will in the majority of cases be delivered remotely (via Skype or telephone), although clients are also welcome to visit a mentor for a face to face session if they prefer.

To make effective use of the time, customers will need to signal beforehand the matters they would like to focus on specifically during the session.

Our experienced mentors are recently retired senior police officers who have worked in all ranks up to and including Chief Superintendent. Both are really committed to sharing their wealth of experiences in promotion processes with you. They really know what it feels like on a run up to a promotion process and are fully committed to helping you be the very best you can be on the day.

Our success is your success.

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