Promotion 360 Degree Feedback Platform

Promotion 360 Degree Feedback Platform

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Our vastly experienced team of experts have designed our own bespoke 360 Degree Feedback process to specifically test your current performance in respect of the values and competencies of Level 2 of the Competencies and Values Framework (CVF) that will form the basis of the assessment criteria at your board. (Note some forces may take longer to migrate to the CVF than others.)

The Police Pass 360 Degree Feedback Report will identify not only your existing strengths, but also your areas of development.

This is your opportunity to get real moments of truth about your performance in the workplace.

The areas of development can then be addressed via the completion of your development plan and the option of obtaining 1 to 1 support with our experts - in order to plug any skills gaps in readiness for the board.

Completing the Police Pass 360 Feedback process will potentially provide you with a significant competitive advantage over your peers at the board - so we are of the opinion that it will be well worth the investment if you want to gain the edge.

You can purchase a bespoke Police Pass 360 Feedback process and access to the platform from the Police Pass webshop.

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