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Police Pass has devised unique tailor-made revision crammer products for busy officers sitting professional examinations that are proven to deliver results, including textbooks, courses and E-Learning Products.

Police Pass also train students in ‘special skills’ such as court room skills training and assist in the interview board promotion process as part of promotion frameworks such as the NPPF.


Our expertise is unrivalled. We are the only training provider that boasts a teaching team who have actually been there and done it, including operational Chief Superintendents, Superintendents, Chief Inspectors and Inspectors who have passed the National Investigators Examination and (NPPF Stage 2) OSPRE Part 1 Inspectors Examination in the top 1% nationally.


We are the only training provider that boasts a solicitor who is an accredited police station adviser and has close to a decade's experience as a Senior University Law Lecturer specialising in criminal litigation and evidence.


Our pass rates cannot be matched. Don’t be fooled by other companies who provide isolated statistics from narrow sample groups that give a distorted impression of their success rates. We exclusively train the forces that have consistently out-performed all the forces nationally since our inception in 2005.

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